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Tribute to Edilberto B. Lorenzo, MD
by Manuel P. Pardo, MD
December 2020

Tribute to Edilberto B. Lorenzo, MD More...

Filipino Association's 50th Anniversary in Kansas City
by Dr. Lillian Pardo
January 2018

You are cordially invited to be part of a major milestone in the history of our Filipino Association here in our beloved Greater Kansas City area. We have survived this long and we have a lot to celebrate - many golden moments to reminisce, several More...

Divisiveness and Betrayal - A Fatal Flaw of the Filipino Character?
by Dr. Manuel Pardo
November 2017

On a recent visit to the Philippines, while reading some old history books, I was struck by how far back in its history in fighting and betrayal among Filipinos has existed. When Ferdinand Magellan first set foot on Philippine soil in 1521 he encountered More...

A Tribute to Dr. Arnulfo Sulit
by Dr. Manuel Pardo
August 2017

My friendship with Dr. Sulit extends over fifty years. Dr. Sulit is known to his closest friends as Noy or Nepo - remnants of his childhood nickname. To the younger generation he was Tito Noy or Uncle Noy, a traditional Filipino sign of respect to an More...

Pediatric Neurology Lectureship to Add to Educational Experience at KU Med
by Ping Bayani
March 2017

"A lifetime of experience is worth sharing." Lillian Gonzalez-Pardo, M.D., professor emerita in pediatrics and neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, opens the preface of her memoir, "Beyond the Shores" by emphasizing the importance of More...

The Philippines: A Tale of the Big and Small
by Ping Bayani
December 2016

The Philippines has long been acknowledged as one of those rare places where unique flora and fauna can be found. It's not an isolated case when one reads about a new species being discovered in Palawan or in one of the other 7,000 plus islands that More...

It Is Autumn...
by Angel Casillan
November 2016

It is autumn when fields that once were verdant green, Turned brown after the harvests of its ripened grains, And the hills that were scene on a framed picture, From afar would glisten like a golden treasure. It is autumn when neighborhoods would turn More...

Celebrate Filipino American History
by Kevin Bautista
October 2016

In September we commemorated 100 years of Filipino community in Kansas City at the September Affair. This October we join in with the rest of the country in celebrating Filipino American History Month and recognize all Filipino Americans across the More...

What's in a (Filipino) Name?, Part 3
by Ping Bayani
September 2016

What if the Catalogo never happened? We would have had a most interesting study of names indeed, a rich tapestry of an ancient, patriotic, indigenous and very non-Hispanic onomastic history. In order to find out what our pre-Hispanic names were before More...

What's in a (Filipino) Name?, Part 2
by Ping Bayani
August 2016

He (Governor Claveria) tore pages of the Catalogo and gave them to those present. Consequently, what happened was unexpected. Since the lists of surnames were listed in alphabetical order, provinces appeared to have surnames beginning with a certain More...

What's in a (Filipino) Name?, Part 1
by Ping Bayani
July 2016

The Regidor (Treasury Accountant) had complained constantly like a broken record to the Governor General of the impossibility of fulfilling his tax-collecting task due to the liquidity of naming conditions in the whole archipelago...because of three More...

Know Your Heroes: Andres Bonifacio
by Dr. Manuel Pardo
June 2016

Andres Bonifacio is regarded as the Father of the Philippine Revolution against Spain. He also is known as the Father of the Katipunan, a secret revolutionary society he founded in 1892 and whose goal was to win Philippine independence from Spain by means More...

Philippine Archeological Treasures, Part 2
by Ping Bayani
May 2016

Archeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. In this issue, we start a series of such historical finds unearthed from Philippines past, items now declared More...

Philippine Archeological Treasures, Part 1
by Ping Bayani
April 2016

Archeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. In this issue, we start a series of such historical finds unearthed from Philippines past, items now declared More...

Recharge. Represent. Rejoice.
by Kevin Bautista
March 2016

Our Association is filled with a great mix of members with diverse backgrounds and experience. Fellowship is very important to the continuity of our organization. We are witnessing a steady rise in membership, welcoming new and old faces at our meetings More...

Good Food, Great People on the Day of Hearts
by Joy Shute
February 2016

T'was a memorable and not your typical Sunday at the Filipino Association, where we celebrated our first Valentine's Day Brunch. Guests arrived at 10 AM to enjoy socializing and catching up with old friends while mesmerized by the ambiance of the decor More...

Pwede Na? Pwede Pa!
by Ping Bayani
January 2016

We've heard that phrase before, perhaps once too often - "Pwede na!" - to indicate acceptance of something less than what we really want - be it in clothing, food, emotions, or some other circumstance or situation. It signals a compromise - or worse yet More...

Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr. to Visit Kansas City
by Dr. Lillian Pardo
August 2015

A historical first visit to Kansas City by a Philippine Ambassador to the United States will occur on the weekend of September 26-28, 2015. Ambassador Jose Cuisia's visit will be timely as the Sampaguita Debutantes Ball sponsored by the Filipino More...

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