Pinoy Breakfast - Curbside Pickup


This will be curbside pickup only. Please remain in your cars. Please arrive at the time you picked. Follow the directions below once you arrive at the cultural center.

Filipino Cultural Center
9810 W 79th St
Overland Park, KS 66204

  1. Drive up to our check-in tent to let us know you have arrived.
  2. Park in a designated spot as directed by our volunteers
  3. A member of our volunteer team will bring your order to your car


Unfortunately, we are unable to do refunds for no-shows on September 26th

More Questions?

Do you have further questions? Email Jonel Loreno



Breakfast Combo

An order includes the following:
-longanisa(a Filipino pork sausage)
-tocino(cured pork meat)
-jeprox (fried salted dried fish)
-fried egg
-fried rice
- atchara (pickles shredded papaya, used as an appetizer & garnish)
- bottled water


Pork BBQ

A Filipino BBQ version using pork loin infused with big flavors from an authentic marinade which doubles as the perfect basting sauce.


A popular, hearty & flavorful dish from the Ilocos region made with pork tenderloin & liver, red bell pepper & green peas.

Langka with Gata

A vegetable dish, also referred to as a salad, using jackfruit simmered in coconut milk with onions, tomatoes, ginger & spices.


A regional vegetable dish using young bamboo shoots & jute leaves with shrimps boiled in coconut milk mixed with seasoned broth.

Puto Pao

Steamed mini buns filled with pork then topped with salted eggs. It’s a cross between siopao and puto.

Ube Pan De Sal

A new twist on the classic Filipino dinner roll; made with purple yam flavor & melty cheese filling.

Mochiko Bibingka

A popular & favorite Filipino sweet rice cake dessert, also known as Royal Bibingka, which originated from Vigan , Ilocos Sur.